How to keep pigeons out of a barn

Barns, particularly old barns, can be very challenging when it comes to pigeon control. Old barns tend to have innumerable gaps and openings, and all it takes is one small space for a pigeon to wiggle through and make itself a home. Ultimately, sealing up your barn is the best option for keeping pigeons out; however, this isn't always practical (sometimes airflow is important in a barn) or is it very cost effective. If you can't patch up the holes in your building, you will have to look at other options. First, installing bird spikes or electric stripping on the exterior of the barn will help keep pigeons from landing and investigating things. Second, if you still need to keep airflow an option, you can place bird netting on the interior walls. This will keep the openings and cracks, but it will prevent birds from finding a way inside. This can be a very tedious process, but it may be the only way to keep pigeons out of a barn. Whatever you do, don't waste your money on owl statues or decoys of this nature. Such deterrents don't work well or at all.

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